The top 3 navigation equipment every yacht must have

Yachts must have some sort of navigation equipment in order to find their way. The three most important navigation equipment are the chart plotter, the radar system, and the GPS system. All three of these devices can be found on any size or make of boat that could fit a water craft. All boats need at least two working systems per device as well as a spare when one fails. Many captains prefer to add additional equipment such as AIS, TargetX2, radar reflector, and DSC to be fully prepared for any eventuality when out on the high seas.

AIS allows vessels to identify other ships that may not be broadcasting a VHF call sign or an MMSI (unique ID) number. This allows for avoidance of collisions in areas where AIS is mandatory to use or when required by law. Also, AIS can help verify a number of regulated parameters such as exact speed. This set of competences is absolutely mandatory when you are looking for yacht jobs.

The chart plotter displays the boat’s position on charts and uses GPS data to pinpoint that location at any given time. The plotted path also gives a captain the opportunity to determine how far he/she is from a certain area or if sailing in an incorrect direction.

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, assists yachts to accurately determine its exact location and provides precise speed and position using satellites. GPS was initially introduced for use by commercial vessels but have since been integrated into personal use navigation systems. GPS equipment can be used in conjuncture with radar and the chart plotter to further navigate the boat. An additional feature on GPS is DSC (Digital Selective Calling), which will send a distress signal with the yacht’s exact position, if needed.

AIS, TargetX2, radar reflector, and DSC are optional but highly recommended when operating a yacht on open waters.

Today’s modern yacht needs to be equipped with GPS, chart plotter, and AIS. All three of these tools are a must when traveling on the high seas in order to avoid any accidents or mishaps along the way. Equipping a boat with these items can help prevent yacht owners from becoming victims of a maritime disaster.