ECDIS Glossary

CoACo-operation Arrangement.

IC-ENC focuses its co-operation activities around a multi-lateral arrangement known as the IC-ENC Co-operation Arrangement. The purpose of this CoA is to provide a framework for strengthening international co-operation between HOs in the production, quality assurance, promotion and distribution of ENC data. The CoA also defines the terms of reference of the IC-ENC Steering Committee and its various working groups in which signatories to the CoA are entitled to participate.
COTS‘Commercial Off The Shelf’ software.

Software that is commercially available to all organisations and as such will provide a comparable environment for ENC production and validation purposes.
CREW AGENCYCrew management for ships, otherwise known as crewing, are the services rendered by specialised shipping companies. Crew management services are an essential part of maritime and ship management that includes the management of all the various activities handled by crew on-board vessels, as well as related shore-based administration.
DIPWGDigital Information Portrayal Working Group.

A working group which strives to maintain the IHO Publication S-52. This publication includes IHO specifications for colours, symbols and display rules used to show SENC information on ECDIS in a safe and ergonomic manner. DIPWG also maintains the portrayal elements of IHO Publications S-100 and S-101, as well as the Portrayal Register of the Geospatial Information Infrastructure.
DMDData Management Database.

IC-ENC’s uniquely developed in-house database. The DMD holds all ENC data sent by IC-ENC members, and provides IC-ENC with a low cost and consistent way of storing ENC data, as well as a central working point for the IC-ENC validation team.
DPSWGData Protection Scheme Working Group.

A working group with the primary objective of developing and maintaining an IHO ENC data protection scheme known as S-63.
ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System.

An ECDIS is an electronic chart (ENC) based navigational system that complies with IMO regulations and can be used for navigational purposes in lieu of paper charts.
EDBErrors Data Base.

A database of validation tool error messages used by the IC-ENC validation team during ENC validation, and also for IC- ENC members during ENC production and internal validation processes. Each database entry includes detailed error information including the cause, impact and solution. The Errors Database can be accessed via the IC-ENC website.
ENCElectronic Navigational Chart.

An electronic chart is a real-time navigation system that integrates a variety of information that is displayed and interpreted by the Mariner.
ENC ReissueA regenerated New Edition file that contains updates to a certain point in time. This can save time when loading multiple updates into an ECDIS, as the updates are included within the New Edition file, rather than separate update files.
EULAEnd User Licence Agreement.

An End-user Licence Agreement issued through or by IC-ENC for and on behalf of a Supplier Nation.
Exchange SetAn exchange set is a grouping of data sets in a logical, consistent and self-contained collection to support the interchange of geospatial data and meta data.
HSSCHydrographic Services and Standards Committee.

A technical steering committee of the HO which aims to promote and coordinate the development of standards, specifications and guidelines for official products and services to meet the requirements of ariners and other users of Hydrographic information.
IC-ENCInternational Centre for Electronic Navigational Charts.

IC-ENC is a Regional ENC co-ordinating centre (RENC). It is has offices in the UK and Australia and is responsible for validating its members ENCs and positioning them in the market place through a selected group of Value Added Resellers (VARs).
IHBInternational Hydrographic Bureau.

The IHB is the Secretariat of the IHO and is located in Monaco.
IHOInternational Hydrographic Organisation.

The IHO aims to create a global environment in which marine navigation information is provided in a timely and usable manner in order to support and protect the marine environment.
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation.

The IMO is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships.
IRCCInter Regional Coordination Committee.

The Inter Regional Coordination Committee aims to promote and coordinate activities that might benefit from a regional approach, such as capacity building, training and implementation of policies related to the WEND. All matters are identified as strategic objectives of the IHO.
Issuing AuthorityThe official agency which issues the ENCs and ENC updates validated to comply with the relevant standards and quality requirements.
JTEWGJoint Technical Experts Working Group.

The JTEWG is a joint subsidiary of the Primar Advisory Committee (PAC) and the IC-ENC Steering Committee (IC-ENC SC). The JTEWG co-operates with the goal of increasing the efficiency, quality and availability of consistent ENC data to the market.
MACHCMeso American and Caribbean Seas Hydrographic Commission.

A Hydrographic Commission which allows coordination of Hydrographic activity and cooperation at the regional level.
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer.

In the case of ENCs, an OEM is specifically the manufacturers of the ECDIS hardware.
PACPRIMAR Advisory Committee.

A similar committee meeting to the IC-ENC Steering Committee, whereby policies are strategies are decided upon.
PAYSPay As You Sail.

A new and innovative service developed to allow the distribution of authorised ENC data under certain terms and conditions, and documented by a certificate.
PRIMARPRIMAR is a non profit RENC operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service that provides a validation and distribution service to its members.
RENCRegional ENC Co-ordination Centre.

A RENC is a not-for-profit organization that is controlled by the Member States who distribute their ENCs through that RENC.
RENCs ensure that all the ENCs that they handle are consistent. The RENCs also make ENCs available to retailers from a single wholesale source. RENCs are part of the official supply chain for ENCs.
RHSGRENC Harmonisation Steering Group.

A group, jointly chaired by the IC-ENC Chairman and PRIMAR Chairman, which strives to harmonise the activities of the two RENCs.
RORegional Office.

A sub-office of IC-ENC that is concerned with providing validation and production support services to IC-ENC members in that region.
RTRReal Time Reporting.

New IC-ENC functionality which will mean that Standard Subscriptions are reported to IC-ENC within 24 hours of sale, and PAYS subscriptions are reported within 72 hours of first usage.
S-57S-57 is the IHO standard for the exchange of digital hydrographic data. It has been used almost exclusively for encoding Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).
SCSteering Committee

An annual meeting in which IC-ENC members come together to discuss the strategic issues, agree policies and to set the budget for the following year.
Self FinancingIC-ENC aims to remain financially sustainable and low cost, therefore the IC-ENC Strategic Plan recognises that any new services introduced by IC-ENC must be ‘self financing’. Furthermore, any services which may be optional and only of benefit to a section of he IC-ENC members must be structured to be financed by those who are benefiting.
SLAService Level Agreement.

An agreement made between IC-ENC and UKHO that specifies the provision of IT services required to support and sustain IC-ENC operations.
SOLASSafety Of Life At Sea.

The SOLAS convention in its successive forms is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant vessels. The first version was adopted in 1914, in response to the Titanic disaster. It aims to promulgate all laws, decrees, orders and regulations and to take all other steps which may be necessary to give the present Convention full and complete effect, so as to ensure that, from the point of view of safety of life, a ship is fit for the service for which it is intended.
Standard SubscriptionA fixed period contract for the supply of ENC Data to a Subscriber. Subscription The minimum contract term is three months, and the maximum term is twelve months.
TEWGTechnical Experts Working Goup.

The TEWG is a working group of the IC-ENC Steering Committee, constituted under the Cooperation Arrangement within IC-ENC. It provides a forum for reviewing and enhancing all technical aspects of the creation, content, quality control and application of the ENC data produced by the IC-ENC Cooperating Hydrographic Offices (CHOs), with the ultimate aim of achieving greater consistency in the quality and content of the ENCs produced by the CHOs.
TOMTechnical Operating Model.

A model which allow the development of the current system architecture within IC-ENC, enabling IC-ENC to provide new capabilities to HOs, VARs, RENCs, and potential future customers and data suppliers. The TOM aims to restructure IC- ENC operations from IC-ENC UK (HQ) and all IC-ENC Regional Offices into one single service which is held centrally.
TSMADTransfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Develpment Working Group.

TSMAD are responsible for the maintainance, development and extension of the IHO transfer standard for digital hydrographic data including the development and maintenance of relevant application profiles.
VARValue Added Reseller.

A distributor of ENCs to the marketplace through which all IC-ENC members validated data passes.
WENCWorldwide ENC Coordinating Centre.

A Worldwide ENC Coordinating Centre, or IHO RENC, is a concept established by the work of the RHSG, but not supported by the IC-ENC SC.
WENDWorldwide ENC Database.

The chief objective of the WEND committee was to promote the establishment of a World-wide Electronic Navigational Chart Database (WEND) suitable for the needs of international shipping.
WENDWGWorldwide ENC Database Working Group.

A group which promotes the development of the Worldwide ENC Database, suitable for the needs of international shipping.

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