ECDIS Glossary

ECDIS Glossary

AIS - Automatic Identification System                                               

ARPA - Automatic Radar Plotting Aid                                                    

COG - Course Over Ground

The GPS system’s calculation of the ship’s heading in relation to the installed chart system

DGPS - Differential Global Positioning System

An enhancement to GPS that uses a network of fixed, ground-based reference stations to broadcast the difference between the positions indicated by the satellite system and the known fixed positions 

DNC - Digital Nautical Charts

A vector-based digital product designed to give navigators an up-to-date seamless database of the world. DNCs are published by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

EBL - Electronic Bearing Line

A feature in a radar that is used to determine the relative bearing of an object from the observing ship’s bearing

EC - Electronic Chart  

ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display and Information System                                                                    

ENC - Electronic Navigational Chart                                                                                        

GPS - Global Positioning System                                                         

HDT - Heading True

Used to send heading information from the gyro-compass to other devices including radar and ECDIS

IBS - Integrated Bridge System                                                                                          

RENC - Regional ENC Coordination Centre

RENC validates and distributes ENCs from producing nations to end-users. Only two currently exist, PRIMAR in Norway and IC-ENC in the UK

RNC - Raster Nautical Chart                                                                 

SENC - System Electronic Navigational Chart                                        

SOG - Speed Over Ground

The GPS system’s approximation of the ship’s speed in relation to the installed chart

TCS - Track Control System                                                                  

Via a connection with the autopilot, TCS in an ECDIS controls that the ship’s GPS position follows a pre-planned track

TTM - Tracked Target Status                                                                

Used to send tracked target information from ARPA to ECDIS

VDR - Voyage Data Recorder                                                                

VRM - Variable Range Marker                                                              

A feature of radar used to determine relative distance to any target seen on the screen

VTS - Vessel Traffic Services                                                               

WEND - Worldwide Electronic Navigational Chart Data Base                

An IHO concept, based on the set of WEND Principles, designed specifically to ensure a world-wide consistent level of high-quality, updated official ENCs through integrated services that support chart carriage requirements of SOLAS and the requirements of IMO PS for ECDIS


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